Dance Lesson Gift:

Are you looking for a great gift?  If so, then a dance lesson gift is a great idea.  You can help your parents reconnect, get out of the house, or even get ready for a vacation.  Do you want to make a special person happy?  Introduce them to DANCE.  You will be the best gift giver ever!  The “Best spouse ever plan” is the only plan allowed for personal use.

6 weeks of unlimited “Welcome/Introductory” classes and practice sessions. $60pp

That is up to 3 group lessons/activities a week for most weeks, over a $300 value.  This option is only $60 per person. The dance classes are offered Tuesday, Thursday, and Fridays.  With this option, your loved one will also receive one complimentary orientation lesson.  This lesson is one on one with an instructor.  We will go over the calendar and the overall studio experience.  This option is best for someone looking for variety and a social setting.

Emergency Social Plan $245 (couples or singles)

-3 40 minute personal lessons

-3 40 minute Group Classes

This is the best plan for a last minute fix.  This includes 3 full length personal lessons and 3 group classes, which is over $405 value.  These personal lessons are mostly focused on the dances needed for a particular event. For example, to get ready for a cruise, we would focus on one slow and one fast dance.  This way your loved ones will be able to enhance their experience with dance.

Best Spouse Ever Plan $625 (to give to your spouse)

-6 40 minute Personal lessons

-6 40 minute Group Classes

This plan says it all.  Also, this plan is best described as the total dance experience.  It includes 6 full length personal lessons and 6 group classes. A total value of $1044.  Because it is designed to really get you and your spouse on the dance floor quickly, this is the best gift option.  This is also the only gift certificate option available for purchase for yourself to use.  You and your spouse will take a tour through the most popular social dances like Salsa, Waltz, Cha-Cha, and Swing to name a few.  If you want to learn something in particular, just ask us.  Whether you are getting ready for an event, or just looking to learn a lot in a short time, this is the best option.






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